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Re: The Action Figure and Toy Collecting and Discussion Thread!

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So much recent product outside of the Vintage Collection has been shameless repacks of older(often crappy)stuff that it's become the knee-jerk, default reaction within the collecting community.
I know! I had to stop a friend of mine from purchasing one of the Movie Heroes battle packs with decade old Chewie and Han figures.
Yes, the "Rebel Heroes" Battle Pack. The set with the C-3PO so poorly made that his neck joint is loose enough for the head to pop clean off. That mold has been reused so many times it's a wonder that the Threepio figure isn't just a pile of random pieces. That entire Battle Pack is an insult. A 1999 Han, 2002 Chewie and a 2006 Threepio so poorly made that if you so much as look at him he'll fall apart.
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