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ENTER! Avatar Contest: Strange New World / Out of Their Minds

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Ladies and gentlemen, I'd like to present to you this week's winners of the Enterprise Avatar Contest!

The winners in the Episode Contest are HopefulRomantic and myself. HR used one of Trip's adorable goofy faces to work with, whereas I was inspired by nekkid Archer. In second place - my personal favourite - a rather serious-looking Trip, made by Alienesse. Although I adore Trip's goofy faces, it's nice to see him all serious now and again.

No surprise in the Theme Contest this week: Skywalker's avatar of everybody's favourite dynamic duo received an astonishing amount of 10 votes! HopefulRomantic and Alienesse share the second place with pictures of everybody's favourite Andorian and Captain. I have to admit that I still have no clue from which episode that Archer pic is.

Congratulations to the winners and a big thank you to all entrants and voters!
Thanks again for the votes.

And back we go to the next episode, "Strange New World." Our theme, suggested by my co-winner Skywalker, is Out of Their Minds: any scene or moment featuring characters behaving in ways that seem...abnormal.

I'll keep the entry thread open until Wednesday night or thereabouts, Pacific Time.

My entries:



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