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Re: Revisiting the films...

Star Trek: First Contact (1996) **

The Borg travel back into Earth’s history to assimilate humanity before it can develop star flight.

Uh, could someone turn up the lights, please? It’s getting rather dark in here. Granted the actual look of the space shots are nice I have to say that whatever issues I might have had with the design of the E-D I liked it much better than the fanboy wet dream known as the new E-E. It strikes me as overdone and with disturbing Voyager echoes to it. Also I don’t care for the new dark look of the black and grey uniforms with only a touch of colour---it looks wrong. Just as the uniforms of TWO-TUC looked like belonged in something other than Star Trek and the Starfleet that had been established so do these new designs for FC.

The Enterprise is way out on the Romulan border and yet they can make it back to Earth in practically no time to engage the Borg. Hookay…

Zefram Cochrane is retconned into a drunken lout. Data can now switch off his emotion chip when previously it had become a permanent functioning part of his system. The Borg collective now have a queen. Previous time travel stories had the crews doing everything they could to cover their tracks in the past, but here they go out of their way to reveal themselves. And the hero worship is laid on rather thick---no wonder Cochrane gets creeped out. The ending is hilarious. They’re supposed to be making a discreet exit, but they beam out in plain view of anyone watching.

This film has a more graphic look than the TV series given greater production resources particularly in regards to the Borg. The film also has one redeeming quality over the previous film: it has a more straightforward story with less extraneous stuff thrown into it.

This is marginally better than GEN simply because it feels more coherent and better paced. But the script is also full of silly dialogue the characters are forced to spout. There are periodic okay moments, but they’re not plentiful enough. The EVA walk on the hull of the ship is kinda nice. This really is the TNG attempt to create their own version of TWOK. But in a head-to-head comparison I think TWOK is still a distinctly better effort overall even given what issues I have with that film.

GEN contributed greatly to my souring on contemporary Trek in general and the TNG film franchise in particular. FC is slightly better than GEN, but not nearly enough to win me over.
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