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Re: General Pro Wrestling News and Discussion Thread Part Deux!

I find it hard not to mentally apply Hornswoggle's music whenever Sheamus wins a match. The guy went from being an ass kicker who made WWECW exciting during his brief tenure on the brand to becoming one of the fastest WWE Champions of all time (defeating Cena nonetheless) and after a prolonged stale period WWE repackages him as this happy go lucky face who finishes his opponents by doing a dancing kick into them. It's hard to take his serious promos seriously when he goofs around so much.

As for Ryback, I'm convinced things went down like this:

Vince: I'm concerned about the big guy/normal guy ratio, get me the biggest possible guy you can find that we have under contract.
Smithers: That would be Ryan Braddock sir, one of your FCW/NXT farm talents and cannon fodder for John Cena during the Nexus storyline.
Vince: Right, we're going to go with Ryback which was something he used to be known by as it's a mononym and it makes it easier for us to apply prefixes. I want the seamstresses to find him a spandex one piece that is a couple of sizes too small so we can stress how awesome this guy's physique is. We're going to put him on a undefeated streak where he will utterly dominate and seldom speak
Creative Goon: Vince, WCW already did that with Goldberg and you kn... (cut off)
Vince: Shuuuuuttuuup! This guy is bigger, stronger and unknown, we can do whatever we like with him and the fans will have to buy into it, we'll have him squash two of the smallest local guys we can find each week and we'll have him do a Samoan drop with a bit of theatrics as a finish - simple and something we can perhaps call the "Muscle Buster" to capitalise on his physique
Creative Goon 2: But Vince, the muscle buster isn't how you describe, it's actually a.. (cut off)
Vince: Yooooouuuu'rrrrreee Firrrrrreeeeeed!
Creative Goon: Damn and he was only two days away from retirement...
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