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Re: hi ho Silver, The Lone Ranger rides on....

^^ Any genre can be dead until someone revives it. What's the connection to the Christian DVD market?

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I still think that the first Zorro movie is the sort of tone and feel a Lone Ranger movie ought to be aiming for; personally, I'd cut out the whole supernatural elements.
I think the Lone Ranger concept can tolerate some supernatural elements as long as they are subtle and eerie, in keeping with the Old West setting. Spooky legends. Kind of like Larry Blamire's haunted Western stories.

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The bigger the name and the more shit gets blowed up, the more you add to the foreign take.
How does that differ from the domestic market?

They were? The first one was inane and I heard they got worse from there, so didn't bother to check them out. But Hollywood certainly isn't making movies for the fussy likes of me!
I thought they were all good. You can't go in expecting Errol Flynn-- they were totally trippy, off-the-wall rollercoaster rides. Not as good as Indy, but still....

Nope, they should do the opposite. They have the big name in Depp, so what they need is to amp the supernatural elements, make things bigger, crazier and more blowed up. So even if Americans (once again) say, pfft, I'm not wasting my money on this horrendous garbage, they still stand to make out like bandits.
Nooooo. That's not Lone Ranger. That will make it suck as much as nuDarkShadows and nuTrek.
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