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Re: Smallville Season 11, it"s happening...

So Smallville #7 is out! This issue is where we separate the men from the boys! This is the big first meeting between Superman and Lex Luthor! Yes, other stuff happens in this issue. Chloe and Ollie find the mysterious spaceship from a couple of issues back and discover something surprising about it's origins. We see how the radiation has ravaged Hank Henshaw's body and how Mrs. Henshaw blames Superman. All that stuff is good and all but...

Superman and Luthor!

Fire for the bad. I think that DC got a few of their panels mixed up in that scene. We see Superman shattering the windows to Luthor's office and Lex fall to the floor covered in glass and Superman says: "I'm not in the mood, Luthor!" However on the next page Luthor is standing and off panel we see a KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK. Then on the next page Luthor tells Supes to call him Lex. Being out of sequence really harms the effect of the scene, which is really a shame because there's so much good stuff there.

It's clear that Supes wants to tear Lex a new one. It's also clear Lex has him by the short and curlies as he's using all these space related crises to frame Superman. Even General Lane is in on it as he shows up with a fleet of heavily armed gunships ready to blow Clark's \S/ clean off.

How did I like the issue? It was good but... the layout fuck up! It hurt this issue so fucking bad. Threw off the pace and took me out of the story.

DC owes Miller an apology. He wrote a damn fine issue and they had to go and fuck it all up! Pisses me off! Everything was going swimmingly up 'til now!
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