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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

If that same play happens in the 8th or 9th inning of that game, instead of the first, I'll bet my lunch they call it an error.

Dickey is a nice story and having a great start to the year. He's gotta be a favorite to start the all-star game at this point. If he is still pitching like this in September, we can discuss the Cy Young.

I went to Wrigley about 10 years ago. It was cool to check it out, but it can't shake a stick at the modern stadiums over the last 15-20 years or so. Fenway is a pit with awful sight lines. I'm not sure where you'd build a new one though. I don't know as much about Wrigley, but I lived along the train line that goes past Fenway for 4 years so I know that area well. It's pinned in by the surrounding neighborhoods pretty well.

I went to college in the Bronx, and saw a lot of games at the old Yankee Stadium when they were winning titles around 2000. It wasn't much to behold, and while the new stadium looks awesome, it's still in an awful area. Citi Field is nice, but felt really sterile when I went, like a neutral site. It's also oddly angular and played like an airplane hangar until the moved in the fences. There's also nothing near the stadium as far as restaurants or bars to make an evening out of it. A flask on the 7 train is the way to go.

I'm all for new stadiums with nice amenities and other things to do nearby. Foxborough is in the middle of nowhere, but they got it right with Patriot Place.
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