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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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Nothing like turning on Voyager and finding out that you--as an indigenous American--are not completely human. You're descended from space aliens who needed to help you out genetically.

Horrible, horrible, horrible episode.
I totally agree to your comments. That was downright insulting.

If they wanted to give us something about Chakotay's background, they could have done like this:

Chakotay in a shuttlecraf, out to survey a planet for minerals have some trouble with the shuttle and crash lands in an area which looks like a Central American rain forest. While struggling to survive and get in touch with Voyager, he encounters some aliens whose way of life reminds him of his youth, therefore the flashbacks to his earlier life. They see Chakotay as a hostile enemy, since they are used to aliens in spaceships who come to raid the planet for its resources but Chakotay convinces those people that he is no enemy and with their help he finds a way to an area where he can contact Voyager.

No "Sky Spirits" rubbish or the crap we saw in "Tattoo", only glimpses of Chakotay's background.

And yes, they could have bothered to give him a background based on a real tribe (the Maya, for example), not some fantasy Hollywood stereotype thing.

By the way, nice to have you back, Teya. Haven't seen you here for a while.
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