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Re: hi ho Silver, The Lone Ranger rides on....

Explosions and other forms of visual spectacle translate. Wit and dramatic dialogue don't always translate. No one should assume the tastes of foreigners are intrinsically worse than those of the average US movie goer.

Nor can you automatically attribute success overseas to the presence of a big name star, especially in a thread citing John Carter. Taylor Kitsch is not a big name star. In fact one of the many criticisms in the chorus attacking the film prior to release was Taylor Kitsch.

The real importance of the overseas market hinges on how much of that revenue gets to the US moviemakers. That's a closely held secret. Also complicating the issue is the increasing importance of foreign financing, by people who are in a better position to tap foreign revenues.

The classic Western is dead, and the efforts to revive it are pretty much limited to ghetto markets like the Christian DVD movie market. (I suspect a powerful overlap, but, no, I don't have figures available.) Casting Johnny Depp as the Fool and dragging in the supernatural obviously are not classic Western, though. Depp will get people into seats, which is what "star" means. Casting a white guy for Tonto seems so obtuse it's hard to believe the movie could be good, though, even if it's Depp they cast.
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