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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

Watched the rest of the 2nd ep, hey it got better. But add Linda Grey to the "can't act any more" column with Patrick Duffy. Both of them seem very out of practice.

The way she's playing Sue Ellen is way too spacey, bug-eyed and drugged out for her to be a convincing gubernatorial candidate, even in Texas. I dimly recall Sue Ellen always being like that, but if she's become a force in politics, she had to have modified her behavior to fit her new career just to avoid scaring potential backers, nevermind voters. Yet another element that doesn't add up.

My biggest beef is the same with the original. Didn't feel too much like it was set in Texas.
From what I can tell, it looks like they're shooting in Texas this time. The flat plains/green grass/oak trees combo doesn't look very Californian to me.

As for the scene with Ann, I wondered if she'd shot the guy in the back while fleeing, would that be okay by Texas law? Sure looked like she was thinking about it.
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