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Re: Iron Man 3 Discussion/Photos/ETC.

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I don't see why their relationship needs any kind of drama at all, honestly. These movies aren't about Tony and Pepper getting together; they're about Iron Man fighting bad guys.
So they should omit any sort of character development and have a 2 hour movie based on Iron Man fighting bad guys?
Introducing another love interest to force a conflict isn't character development. It's a cheap stunt.

Tony and Pepper work well in their current dynamic. They love each other. They have fun. They bicker. They get pissed at each other. The way their relationship is written works really well.

I'm not even saying they can't have relationship troubles, but a "love triangle" just seems like a lazy way of achieving it.
Well, all we know about it is are very loose snatches of rumours on the internet. It could be done well or badly. I'm quite happy to await the movie to see how it's done here. But on previous experience, I'm happy to believe that Shane Black will avoid lazy cliches in how he approaches it.
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