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Re: IDW to publish post-Nemesis TNG Borg story, possibly Destiny

Christopher wrote: View Post
I'm surprised they aren't waiting until the whole ST/Who crossover is published before doing a collector's edition of the first half.

And I'm wondering what makes this Romulans Treasury Edition different from the Pawns of War compilation we already have.
In comics, Treasury Editions are oversized compilations of previously printed work. They used to do them all the time in the 70s, and a lot of guys from that era have very fond memories of them - John Byrne, who wrote and drew all the Pawns of War stories, was quite big at that time (and for a while after, but that's beside the point), and so he appeals to that demographic - thus, they're trying to tickle the nostalgia bone a bit.

EDIT: I also find it highly amusing, on the subject of divergent versions of the timeline, that the image of Picard they've used for the cover to Hive # 1 is the same one we're getting on the cover of Brinkmanship. Frowny Picard is frowny.

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