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Re: MLB Discussion - 2012 Season

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As for SF: Over on the baseball board I asked if the Giants could play one last game at Candlestick before they tear it down, but apparently that's not possible (the football bleachers are stuck there now). How d'you feel about that, Flux?

Was the Stick really as bitter cold during night games as I keep hearing?
I suppose it'd make for a cool bit of nostalgia for them to play there one more time, but at the same time...The Stick was the home of the '60-'99 Giants and should remain that way. And yes, they built the place in the exact worst spot where the wind from the Bay would whirl around inside. I have distinct memories of going to games and freezing our orange and black asses off. AT&T gets cold, but nowhere near the level of The Stick.

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Timby wrote: View Post
That ... that doesn't make any sense, at all, and I'm really wondering where you've heard such a suggestion.
It was on
Yeah, I'm all aboard the "stop quoting that site" train along with Timby. They clearly don't know what they're talking about over there. For what it's worth, most fans just call it "AT&T Park" while some still refer to it's original name, Pac Bell Park, although there are many that would prefer Mays Field. I just call it "home away from home."
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