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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

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^ Nothing wrong with revisiting old properties. Sometimes it's more fun and creative to redo or continue old stuff. And some things should be revisited or explored more than once.
the only one coming to mind that worked--and even then to mixed results--was BSG--every other remake of a show I loved I checked out sucked and was nowhere as good as the original--Melrose Place, Knight Rider, Bionic Woman, 90210, V, Charlies Angels etc. Even films--Karate Kid, Footloose, Nightmare on Elm Street etc. I have not seen one successfully pulled off--they are so horribly written and given such horrible modern sensibilities that it sucks. I understand why Hollywood does it--the 80s/90s were fun and entertaining and nothing in the last decade can muster that enthusiasm and Hollywood would love nothing but to recapture that kind of loyalty and fandom but you can't go back.

The original DALLAS was thoroughly entertaining with a cast of great characters--Pam, Sue Ellen, Clayton, Jock, Miss Ellie, Donna, Ray, Cliff, Bobby, JR--who was a character you loved to hate unlike John Ross who I just hate like most young actors these days.
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