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Re: My first voyage with Voyager

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It's not just plot holes. It's offensive to turn on Star Trek of all things, that oh-so-tolerant series based on the premise that all men are equals in our enlightened future, only to find out that of all the people on the planet, you and your family (me and my family) have been singled out to be "not human."

The bitter irony is that that was the very reason colonizers & the US Govt used as the basis for genocide. Indians weren't human.

And the really pathetic thing is that Jeri Taylor (she of the quick trip to for "research") probably meant it as a compliment. Talking about fracking clueless.

It's just the beginning of the endless assaults on indigenous American heritage...
Hmmmmm...I need to rewatch this one? I don't remember it establishing Chakotay's Fore-Fathers as Non-Humans, I thought it only established them as guided by the Aliens?
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