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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

I haven't seen all of the second episode yet, but eh, not sure I'll make it all the way through the ten episodes. I distinctly remember the original Dallas being both soapy, yet also non-sucky. I expected the remake to be more on par with that.

This version is so damn obvious about everything. There's no subtlety to the writing or for the most part, the acting. Even the old timers are off their game. What happened to Patrick Duffy? He's almost as wooden as the younguns. Maybe he hasn't been getting acting gigs and is badly out of practice. Larry Hagman is the only one who's solid. The rest are variations on painful to watch.

What I really can't stand is writing where a character is made to look bad simply for the sake of a plot twist. That's what they did to Elena by having her be so stupid that she doesn't realize an e-mail can easily be faked, and so weak-willed that she can't pick up a damn phone to find out what the fuck Christopher is thinking.

Even if the e-mail were legit, she should have screamed her head off at him. I can't respect any woman who is such a doormat, she won't even do that much. But they couldn't have her do that, because then they wouldn't have their soapy bullshit love triangle. Yet she seems strong-willed about her career, so this doesn't even make coherent sense for the character. Bleh.
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