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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

I guess I think a little "old school" here. The original Dallas writers didn't always go for the obvious. Yeah, the email could be from Chris' wife - but, knowing they want to bring back Pam, my bet is still on it being Pam. If it was up to me, that would be the old school type of twist at the end of the first ten episodes to lead to the next season - but I'm flexible.

I am definitely sticking to Cliff Barnes hiding in the background,probably playing JR, John Ross, and maybe even Bobby to get a piece of Southfork. Jock's well was where it all started between Digger and Jock and led to the feud being the Ewing and Ross families. He's running Ewing Oil now, so it's only natural he'd be scheming to get a piece of Southfork. To him, that would be like winning all the marbles.
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