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Re: Star Trek A To Z

A is for Atavacron.
B is for Bussard Collector.
C is for Cortical Stimulator
D is for Dermal regenerator
E is for Exocomp.
F is for field coil. Every starship should have one; or many.
G is for Graviton beam
H is for Heisenberg Compensators, of course.
I is for Isolinear processors.
J is for Jamming device
K is for Kiloquads
L is for lateral sensor array.
M is for Medical tricorder
N is for Nanite(Federation design).
O is for Omega Particle
P is for phase discriminator; type 7.
Q is for QUANTUM discriminator.
R is for rotating shield harmonics
S is for subspace proximity detonator.
T is for Tricobalt device
U is for Universal Translator
V is for Variable geometry warp nacelles
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