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Re: Every Star Trek Blueprint in existence!?!

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Eh, I always liked Todd's stuff better.

Hey... even I liked his stuff better. Except for Surya, which I liked better than Coventry. And my Kobayashi Maru. I liked that one better than the one he published (by Sorenson, IIRC).

Todd is one of those few people, like Masao, whose work I generally like better than my own. Go figure.

When we were trying to figure out what to do with Excelsior and Grissom, I ended up handing them over to him. I knew he could do a better job with them than me.

He wasn't interested in those McQuarrie and Adam sketches however. But they captivated me. I'd fleshed out the interior of Reliant in my mind and the thought of a much expanded ship devoted to flight operations, for use in humanitarian and invasion operations, as a natural "capital ship" accompaniment to his Excelsior/Ingram space control ship. It was the foundation of my imagined merging of adapted "Starship Troopers" ideas with what we were doing. So, even though I thought he would do better with those Mcquarrie and Adam sketches, I ended up being the one that did something with them.

And believe it or not, I really like that design.
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