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Re: Iron Man 3 Discussion/Photos/ETC.

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What else, then? The Tony and Pepper Wedding Extravagganza?
I don't see why their relationship needs any kind of drama at all, honestly. These movies aren't about Tony and Pepper getting together; they're about Iron Man fighting bad guys.
So they should omit any sort of character development and have a 2 hour movie based on Iron Man fighting bad guys?
One of them things I really liked about the first Iron Man was there was a romance and flirting, but it never took over the plot. Tony and Pepper didn't EVEN kiss. It might have been a first in a superhero movie.

They started to become annoying in IM2, but got better again in Avengers.

I just don't want the romance to ruin the movie like Spider-Man 3 which had a tedious love triangle.
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