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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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Is no one reading this any more?
I do but tbh I don't really care that much anymore. With early Season 8 and Angel: ATF I used to go all the way into the city purely to go to the comic store and get my latest fix.
Now I just go whenever I happen to be in town- and get a few issues at once. As to be honest I'm not in much of a rush to read them anymore.

As you say, the end of Season 8 was just a wtf, and though they promised to calm it down for Season 9 it doesn't look like they have IMO.
A&F also hasn't really gone anywhere for the 9 issues I've read, seems to be very water treading to me.

I would probably just wait for the TPBs to come out but Dark Horse take sooooo long to release them. At least with IDW the tpb would be out probably one month after the last issue came out, with Dark Horse its like six months (Buffy #5 came out in January, the TPB of 1-5 isn't even out till July)
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