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Re: Buffy season nine discussion thread

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Is no one reading this any more? Just finished reading issue ten and wow. I think I'm a little bit confused finally. I thought they were going to be more grounded than last season and we've seen bits and pieces of that, but this arc was complex as almost anything from last year even Twilight was not as complicated as this was. I guess they're still continuing to leave Spike and Buffy up in the air, which kind of disappoints me. Nice to see though things resolved and Buffy back to her old self. Wonder what the message from Kennedy was about? Maybe about Willow visiting Faith and Angel?
I can tell you what the message was about, since the solicitations and interviews have already spoiled it. It explains why Buffy quit her job at the cafeteria.

I haven't been particularly delighted with either titles in season 9, Buffy or Angel & Faith. I don't ike the way Gage writes Angel's character, he seems like a cardboard dark hero that we're supposed to admire as noble because he feels guilty, and the excessive whitewashing/ignoring of his season 8 actions is bugging me, especially when the introductory text insists that killing Giles is his biggest crime and all he needs to feel guilty about.

When it comes to Buffy, I think that neither Chambliss nor Allie really know how to write her character - they seem more comfortable writing Spike, Dowling or Koh - and the writing for season 9 has been mostly flat and not as funny or layered, since 9.01, which was the last issue written by Whedon, and the best so far. She's been too passive this season, and too opaque about her feelings (Buffy is not too verbally expressive in that area, but on the show we had SMG's acting to make up for it). In this issue she's a passive sounding board while Spike talks about their relationship, just as she was in 9.07; she's a passive sounding board while the other Buffy and Simone talk. She's just been reacting, and not reacting, to things happening to her, instead of making decisions and doing things. (The only two decisions were the abortion, and now quitting the job.) She's had people take her body away (in S8 it was Kitty Twilight and Angel, and this time it was Andrew, literally). She really hasn't looked anything like a strong person or a strong character or a great Vampire Slayer - she's never been as weak both as a person and as a character as now.

Season 6 and 7 dismantled Buffy and then built her up again as more mature self-aware person. Seasons 8 and 9 so far have been all about dismantling Buffy and taking everything and (almost) everyone from her - the building up part hasn't started yet. I hope it does start soon and that this is what the rest of the season is about.

I'm really confused about the whole robot business now. This is a question I asked Scott Allie for his Q&A, his answer should come soon, probably tomorrow:

Hi again. I have a question about the "other" Buffy - let's call her Buffy Body, the one who lived in the suburbs (as opposed to Buffy Mind, the one in the robot body). Before this issue, I assumed that Buffy Mind was the "real" Buffy, while the other one was someone/something else in her body. But, she seems to be a sentient person of her own in this issue. How is that possible if she was just a programmed mind put in Buffy's body? Are we dealing with Artificial Intelligence? If Buffy Body is a developing person of her own, entirely different from Buffy, I'm not sure if it's right to merge her and Buffy Mind together.

Or did Buffy Body have something of the real Buffy in her? She says she's found the drive and fire in her that's all Buffy; is that the result of having Buffy's Slayer essence and her physicality? Was Buffy split in two, so that she needed to be put back together (with a merge of two minds) at the end of 9.10?

Regarding Spike & Buffy, Spike is getting his own 5-issue mini-series that starts in August. This has been announced since before 9.10 (Dark Horse spoiled that Spike was leaving in 9.10). If you don't mind spoilers regarding which characters may or may not be in the rest of the season:
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