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Re: Enterprise References in new STAR TREK book, FEDERATION

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Hehehehe. I actually own the costumes worn by both the Andorian and Tellarite ambassadors in this scene!
That's great! I always regret not bidding on this jacket... (I kept a screengrab ever since) used in the feature-length pilot and only one episode after. I always thought they were cooler than the Away Team jackets that were later switched to. Looks a bit grey in reality, rather than blue. So maybe it was the lighting.

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It will be interesting to see if the book merely repeats previously published non-canon information, or if the book authors will strike out on their own, with their own visions and interpretations of established canon information.

There's a lot of tech manuals, novels, and such out there. How independent will this be?
David A Goodman was at one time a producer on Enterprise and wrote "Judgment". The book is authored by him. But you're right, canon is essentially what made it to screen, or what can be reasonably extrapolated from the references error-free. Doesn't matter to me, since sadly there isn't much alternate when it comes to filling in the blanks between ENT and TOS. Unless something crops up in the current movie-series, assuming they don't have to backtrack on the policy it shares the same universe, before Nero arrived.
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