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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

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The kids just remind me of all the reasons I don't watch the WB.
There is that, yep. But Hagman's still got it! I was laughing my way through all of his scenes. I'll keep watching since it's only a 10 episode season, I'm kind of interested to see how it shakes out.
Sure, absolutely, JR was the best thing there. I'm just saying that they should have tried harder to get youngsters with at least a tenth of his or Bobby's awesomeness. I don't want to sit through twenty minutes of metrosexual whining before I get to see the real stars kick ass.

startrekwatcher wrote:
the new cast with the exception of Ann(Brenda Strong) suck.
I've loved Brenda Strong since I first saw her ages ago in Island City, and i cheered silently when she whipped out that 12-gauge and said "I've got a shotgun and I don't miss at this distance!"
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