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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

yep, pretty much like I thought--pale shadow of the original, the young guys anchoring the show suck, the new cast with the exception of Ann(Brenda Strong) suck. And while the old cast were the strongest part at times it felt like they were trying to make some of JR's scenes like the walker more Grumpy Old Men than Dallas. Could care less about mysterious email since I don't give a lick about the young kids--take note next time you try to cast two generations of Ewings think Hagman/Duffy rather than JOsh Henderson/Jesse Metcalfe Ambercombie models piss poor actors with no gravitas.

Yeah not feeling this. Hey Hollywood quit trying to relive past glories and come up with some new ones instead of feeding off of old beloved once popular shows i.e. 90210, Melrose Place, Knight Rider, Bionic Woman, Dallas, The Munsters. I realize creativity is rare these days in Hollywood but try a little harder.
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