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Re: Heroic Age/Avengers Ongoing Discussion Thread (Spoilers)

As someone who collects Omnibus material his 57 issue run + Giant Size and other one offs are enough for 2 volumes of material. I'd be game for that. I guess it's the 'mileage varies' but I've grown fonder of him the last two years. When written well, like he has been of late the gruff, military mind of Ross in a Hulk body is intriguing.

Incredible Hulk #9 - I enjoyed the Atlantean 'hick' town adventure that Bruce got Hulk into for this issue. He near instantly asks to speak to Namor, which I liked. It's just the little nods of characters knowing their world I like. Keeping continuity within the story by mention of the PitBull story from #8 when he demands info from the Atlantean Doc(I don't recall her being given a name) how her procedure and PitBull could be related. Then there is the transition element gimmick where just like he wakes up under the ocean in #8, he awakens in space on the last page. Looking forward to #10. Bummer Arron is leaving the book. Was looking forward to a long run like he had on Wolverine for Hulk, I'd settle for the Ghost Rider run. It's like each run is now 1/2 as long as the last one. His next stint will be just 6 issues the way he's going.
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