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Re: DTI: Forgotten History by C. L. Bennett Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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There's nothing in the movie that says it has to be "our" Old Spock.
The fact that he says "I have been, and always shall be, your friend" is pretty telling. Would a Spock from an alternate reality have chosen his words the exact same way?

Besides, I'm speaking metatextually. The reason the filmmakers cast Leonard Nimoy -- coaxed him out of retirement, even -- and built the story around Spock's return from the 24th century was to make this story a legitimate continuation of the Star Trek that had come before rather than a completely disconnected version. If that hadn't been their intention, Nimoy's Ambassador Spock would not have been in the movie at all.

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Stringing the separate TOS time travel stories into a cohesive storyline was clever. Just about all of it made sense. My only issue is that Lucsly and Dulmur felt like guest stars in their own book. If it had been labeled a TOS book, I'm sure my perception would have completely changed.
Well, I'd argue that the "main character" of DTI is the Department itself, not any single agent team. This was the origin story of the DTI and it featured a number of important DTI players from the 23rd century, notably Grey and T'Viss, as well as Aleek-Om and Andos.

And while Christopher apparently is not a fan of combat and ships, I find that he's the ironically the best at writing about ships and characters' relationships with them.
Oh, I like ships fine. I just like them better when they aren't killing people.

Here it's about Scotty and his bairns (never have understood that term).
Colloquial Scottish for "babies."
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