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Re: The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes cartoon cancelled

Pym hadn't taken on another identity as yet.

I always like giANT Man.

When I was younger, I thought that the relationship between the words was clever.

Now that I'm dead inside, it just "is".

Though if Pym was never Goliath, that kinda takes the steam out of Hawkeye when he becomes Goliath, the Bad-Goliath who becomes Atlas and Black Goliath who Stark got murdered because he was asshole and Captian America got killed because he had a stick up his ass.

So many bad choicesin that civil war.

"Frank is a psycho becuase he goes out every night to beat men to death in white gloves".

I think Garth wrote that before Desperate Housewives started.
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