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Re: "The Changeling" Line-by-Line

(Spock puts one hand on Nomad's head, where the antenna are, and the other on its body where the lights and ticking are coming from.)
SPOCK: I. Am. Nomad. I am performing my function. Deep emptiness, It approaches. Collision. Damage. Blackness. I. Am. The other. I am Tan Ru, Tan Ru. Nomad. Tan Ru. Error. Flaw. Imperfection. Must sterilise. Rebirth. We are complete. Much power. Gun ta. Noo. Icka. Tan Ru. The creator instructs. Search out. Identify. Sterilise imperfections. We are Nomad. We are Nomad. We are complete. We are instructed. Our purpose is clear. Sterilise imperfections. (he lets go of Nomad) Sterilise imperfections. Nomad. Sterilise. Sterilise. Nomad, sterilise,
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