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Re: The All-New DALLAS!

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The kids just remind me of all the reasons I don't watch the WB.
There is that, yep. But Hagman's still got it! I was laughing my way through all of his scenes. I'll keep watching since it's only a 10 episode season, I'm kind of interested to see how it shakes out.
Having never watched any WB or CW shows, I never built up the hatred for those kinds of shows

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The person who sent the mysterious email that broke up Elaina and Christopher is Pam. I read the producers want her back, and her story was left open-ended.

I wonder what Pam's motivation would be if it was her.

If Pam does return, I hope they made her look like Victoria Principal again (if she looked like anyone else after the fiery crash).

All we ever got was the fake Pam.
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