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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

It's too early to tell if people will want a re-write. Snyder is just starting to unfold his story. Besides which, most fans have been absolutely loving "Batman" so far. Including the slow parts.

Who's agreed to kill Jason? I've liked how he's been handled so far. Except for that one panel involving Talia I haven't read Red Hood because I felt it sucked.

As for the's part of a much larger story that Snyder has been weaving. As I mentioned several times in this thread, DC is slowly rewiring Bruce's continuity again through this story. This started back with Gates of Gotham. As for the impact...Snyder has stated the character revealed will be sticking around. This was just the beginning.

@OdoWanKenobi...I think we can both agree that Batman, Inc's continuity is screwed up big time. As I mentioned Bruce has a missing year now thanks to Final Crisis no longer existing. I'll try and find an excellent article I read about that from last year.
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