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Re: DTI: Forgotten History by C. L. Bennett Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I think you're confusing "more advanced" in-universe technology with updated production values.
No, I assume that the appearance of the Narada was the catalyst - meaning, Starfleet got whatever information it could out of the sensor readings of that ship, and thus upped their standards a bit.
I guess that could explain why the Enterprise in 2258 had the kind of pulse phasers we saw in Wrath of Khan (2283ish, with the refit in 2270something in the Prime U), or why Starfleet built a 725m Enterprise rather than a 289m one, but I hate the idea that it's why the sets and special effects look far snazzier than those in Nemesis in 2378 or even the USS Relativity in 28XX. IMO if you can recast characters, you can recast ships, sets and swap out effects just the same, leaving the underlying stories themselves unaffected.
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There's nothing in the movie that says it has to be "our" Old Spock. It's an Old Spock. There's probably billions of them in the multiverse. With the timeline branching all over the place, both spontaneously and through deliberate action, there's probably more Spocks than you could count. One data point is hardly enough to draw a definite conclusion from. It's not like we saw the Enterprise-E and crew, looking pretty much like we last saw them. The movie is vague enough that pretty much any explanation could work. It's not like we're going to see the old universe again anytime soon.
Except of course, it renders Nimoy's cameo and the entire time travel aspect of the movie pointless.
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