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Re: DTI: Forgotten History by C. L. Bennett Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I enjoyed Forgotten History, but not as much as Watching the Clock.

Stringing the separate TOS time travel stories into a cohesive storyline was clever. Just about all of it made sense. My only issue is that Lucsly and Dulmur felt like guest stars in their own book. If it had been labeled a TOS book, I'm sure my perception would have completely changed. The power of marketing I guess. But then again, I want to see more of them and their lives.

And while Christopher apparently is not a fan of combat and ships, I find that he's the ironically the best at writing about ships and characters' relationships with them. Here it's about Scotty and his bairns (never have understood that term). Before it was his description of why Picard was assigned the Portia or describing the fire on the Stargazer. Sensible reasons or great love expressed for these vessels. And here his engines are given a proper send off.

As for all the TAS references, anytime something came up that I did not understand, I had to look it up. I just bought a new TV two weeks ago and it has streaming Netflix on it, so now I can actually watch TAS if I want to (another show to add to my to-watch pile).
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