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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Allyn...I don't know if I agree with your Bruce theory regarding Damian since when he came back he approved of Dick's work with Damian. I think Dick was made Nightwing again solely because of "The Dark Knight Rises" coming out this year. Same reason Bucky was unmade Captain America last year because of First Avenger. So far there has been no in-universe explanation why Dick is Nightwing, except that he doubted himself as Batman which seems completely forced characterization IMO. Everyone was loving his time in the cowl this time around.

If I was Mike Marts I would partner Damian back with Nightwing, and repartner Tim with Bruce. I think DC liked the idea of having a Batman and Son type book, but it's not really working out as well as I would have expected. Bruce and Damian have too different a dynamic. *Shrugs*.

I immediately noticed the Powers connection and got immediately excited. DC has introduced multiple Batman Beyond continuities, there is Morrison's with Damian as Old Bruce guiding Damian, there's the main timeline that takes place after the show, and then yet another alternate one. It's possible the New 52 will have an entirely different one.
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