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Re: Vanguard: Storming Heaven by David Mack Review Thread (Spoilers!)

Finished it up the other day <sob>. A great rollicking adventure with a beginning, middle and an end. It did seem a bit rushed to me. Too many things wrapped up a bit too fast. All in all though, taking the series as a whole, it's the best Trek novel series by far. Bravo!

A few little nits in the finale:

The biggest letdown was the final fate of Reyes.

There were deaths that were shocking, surprising and unexpected. Some died that I thought would live. Some lived that I felt sure would die, One in particular felt like they were just hanging around until the end. Wish they had more to do in the rest of the book before meeting their end.

8/10 for storming heaven
9.5/10 for the series as a whole

And, as cool as the explanation was, I still have trouble believing that Terrell and Chekov and the crew of the Reliant can't count!
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