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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I have not read all the back posts. I read a few posts about the station on the cover of Raise the Dawn. Did anyone suggest that it could be a uncloaked Typhon pact station that appears as Enterprise comes through the wormhole?
Well, that would be a really weird sequence of events, considering that the station on the cover of Raise the Dawn has the Arabic numerals for "one hundred seventy-three" on its hull, and that the ship appearing out of the Bajoran Wormhole is an Excelsior-class starship rather than a Sovereign...

I only looked at a small picture of the cover. I knew I should have looked closer.

I wonder how everyone will feel when they learn Kira warned Kassidy after her vision, but let the ship meet its doom with all those people on board. (if they survive the station explosion).
Context makes it pretty clear that Kira had no idea the Xhosa was about to be destroyed. She honestly thought she was asking Kassidy to take a risk by staying on Deep Space 9, not saving her from certain death.

I thought Kira had a vision that they needed to leave the ship to be safe and she only said it was to help other people to get Kassidy to come with her. I thought maybe she didn't expect everyone to trust her vision and stay, so she at least convinced Kassidy to get off.

I think Kassidy would have left Rebecca on Bajor on the first run of evacuees.
This was explicitly established in the novel, yeah. Rebecca is perfectly safe.

I read the book, but I am having an OCD episode, so I am not concentrating the best. Thanks for pointing this out.

Are the quantum torpedoes those future torpedoes from Voyager Endgame? I think they seemed so powerful in Destiny, but don't seem as powerful here.
No, quantum torpedoes were first established in the DS9 Season Three episode "Defiant," which aired in 1994.

You're thinking of the transphasic torpedo, which was first introduced in VOY's series finale "Endgame," and were used to only limited effect against the Borg in Star Trek: Destiny.
Your right I was thinking of transphasic torpedoes.
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