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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

I just finished Plagues of Night. I enjoyed the book very much. I gave it an above average. I like to save the top ranking for my favorite books and I wish there was a rating between outstanding and above average.

I found the book pretty exciting, so I left a note on DRGIII's facebook page. I'm sorry to read he doesn't post here anymore. I'm sure when you work really hard on something it is hard to hear people complain.

I am not sad DS9 exploded. If we find out it is destroyed at the beginning of Raise the Dawn I will be OK with it. DS9 feels like a funeral to me, because it was never about the station; it was the people who made it great and many of them have moved on. I would rather read a DS9 novel set during the series than one with a new crew.

I have not read all the back posts. I read a few posts about the station on the cover of Raise the Dawn. Did anyone suggest that it could be a uncloaked Typhon pact station that appears as Enterprise comes through the wormhole?

I will be glad when Prynn buries Vaughn. It needs to be done already.

I wonder how everyone will feel when they learn Kira warned Kassidy after her vision, but let the ship meet its doom with all those people on board. (if they survive the station explosion).

I think Kassidy would have left Rebecca on Bajor on the first run of evacuees.

Are the quantum torpedoes those future torpedoes from Voyager Endgame? I think they seemed so powerful in Destiny, but don't seem as powerful here.

All in all I enjoyed the book. Any thoughts on my remarks are welcome.
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