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Just read about Megaforce today. Kind of a dumb name, but it's just a name.

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Gokaiger won't be adapted. The claim was it is too hardcore for kids

You may be wondering why Power Rangers Megaforce used Goseiger rather than Gokaiger, which was an ideal season based on the successful execution of the anniversary concepts. I wasn’t able to get a solid answer for this question. They believed that Gokaiger’s pirate theme was more focused for boys (rather than boys and girls) and the concepts of stealing and plundering were too hardcore for a young audience.
Well this sucks for people that wanted this season adapted
Some more interesting info from that article (bolding mine):

Here’s the interesting part: Power Rangers Megaforce will not be like the Sentai version. We’ve heard this before in the past and wonder how is it different now. Power Rangers Megaforce will have an original story that is centered on five high-school teenagers. The concept sounds familar to the first season (Mighty Morphin Power Rangers). The show will still use the traditional Sentai footage, but the story will be completely new and original. Megaforce will actually surprise fans. RoboKnight (placeholder name) will appear fairly early in the season. Power Rangers Megaforce Season 2 (2014) will be “crazy” (direct quote from them).
So that means no angel stuff.

And about season 2 beaing "crazy", I wonder if that means that's when the "Legend War" footage that Toei shot for Saban will be used (assuming they really aren't adapting Gokaiger at all).

ETA: High quality Megaforce poster image, with title logo.

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