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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I have been thinking a little about how to configure the new Akira carrier escort. In PvE, that Photon Torpedo PDS is going to be a curse as it will generate aggro for a ship that has weak shields and hull. Even the best players will have difficulty keeping an escort from exploding with multiple ships firing upon it.

The other downside to the new Akira is its hanger bay. I have the Atrox so I know how much attention is required to make sure my fighters are attacking the right target. In fact I have resorted to parking my Atrox at the 10km range and lob torpedoes while I focus on directing my fighter wings and healing friendly ships. With an escort that's supposed to be constantly on the move, it will be a difficult juggling task trying to control both the ship AND the fighters.

Then it struck me. The two negatives can be combined into a positive. In PvE, what the Akira needs is a way to neutralize the aggro generated by that PDS console and the fighters can be used to achieve this. Instead of having a flight of Peregrines, switch to using tougher Runabouts or Delta Flyers to harass and interdict incoming attackers. Set them on Intercept Mode so they will automatically attack any ship that tries to attack your ship. This way, your fighters act as a screen against incoming attackers, allowing you to focus on fighting a single opponent while the PDS supports your fighter wing with a constant barrage of torpedoes.
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