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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
Batman #10: Wow. Will wait until others have read this to start talking about it...but Scott Synder you gloriously sneaky bastard you!!! He really truly is the new Grant Morrison and this story proves it to me. Just when you think the Court of Owls uber-arc is going no where...BOOM!!
OdoWanKenobi wrote: View Post
Batman #10: Did Grant Morrison just start writing Batman again? Because this totally reads like something he would pull. Which is of course to say it was also awesome.
That was a very Morrison-esque reveal. There are three possibilities -- 1) it's really that character, 2) it's someone who isn't that character but has always believed he's that he's that character, or 3) it's another Dr. Hurt situation.

OdoWanKenobi wrote: View Post
No, it's true. They're both acting completely within character. One thing I'm wondering about is if Damian says he's gonna take on every Robin, is he really serious about Dick? I mean, Dick is one of the few people in the world that Damian truly and completely respects.
I was thinking about that today, and I reached some conclusions that are dependent on how much of the pre-Flashpoint Batman continuity is still in play.

Go back to Batman: The Return. Dick assumed that he was going back to being Nightwing because the world didn't need two Batmen. Then Bruce recognizes that he can't work with Damian, so Dick continues as Batman in Gotham and keeps Damian in line.

Jump ahead to Leviathan Strikes! Talia puts a billion dollar hit on Damian's head.

Between that and Batman #1, Dick goes back to being Nightwing. Why? My working theory is that Bruce believed that Dick-Bats couldn't protect Damian from Talia's assassins as effectively as he could. That he could keep Damian on a shorter leash than Dick could. Bruce, however, seems to have called this one wrong...

The best thing for Damian, I think, would be for Dick to resume the cowl and partner him with Dick. Bruce is too invested in the idea of Damian as his son, so he lacks perspective. Dick has better people skills than Bruce, and he's not as close.

The only other person that Damian has any regard for is, odd as it sounds, Stephanie, probably because she just doesn't care about his mental games. But since we don't Steph's status in the New 52... *shrug*

Basically, I think that Bruce is going to have to bench Damian or partner Damian with someone else.
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