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Re: DTI: Forgotten History by C. L. Bennett Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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I agree it should be there (otherwise surely Nero and Old Spock would have vanished too?), but doesn't that mean all so-called time loops/predestination paradoxes are an illusion created by our multiverse POV? We just happened to be in the correct branch of history to make it appear meaningful?
I don't see why it would be an illusion just because there's another time track branching off in the interim. After all, by Many Worlds theory, new timelines are spontaneously branching off all the time. So there's probably no such thing as a causal loop that doesn't cross over some side branches along the way.

(And I don't like the term "predestination paradox" because it's actually the exact opposite of a paradox. Everything in the loop happens only one self-consistent way. A paradox is when you get two contradictory outcomes that can't be reconciled.)

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Mr Laser Beam wrote:
And given that the technology of the Abramsverse is obviously more advanced (and that's in 2233 - their 24th century will be unrecognizable), nobody will get
anything useful out of it anyway
I think you're confusing "more advanced" in-universe technology with updated production values. Look at the Gorn from "Arena" - was it a guy in an obviously fake rubber suit, or was it a fearsome and intelligent lizard monster? It's the latter, obviously - and in that same way, the Enterprise is a 23rd century technological marvel, whether it's the way it looked to us in 1966 or 2009.
Exactly. It isn't the in-universe technology that's more advanced, it's the technology of the TV or film producers creating an interpretation of the technology these fictional characters hypothetically employ in their imaginary universe. Taking the difference in production design, budget, and filmmaking technology literally as evidence of different in-universe technological advancement is as silly as assuming that Saavik got extensive cosmetic surgery and a larynx transplant between TWOK and TSFS. The difference is only in the production's interpretation of a fictional concept; within the fictional universe itself, the difference doesn't exist.

After all, it's not like a 23rd-century starship would actually have badly wrinkled, backlit posters of space scenes in its bridge viewscreens. Those were an imperfect representation of something that was supposed to be more advanced and high-tech. So the same could be said for other bits of TOS technology that look old-fashioned.
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