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Re: The Romulan War: Beneath the Raptor's Wing - Discuss (SPOILERS)

I apologize for necro'ing this thread, but I just finished this book and wanted to review it.

This didn't occur to me until I finished reading it, but this book reminded me very much of 'Destiny', 'Full Circle', 'Rough Beasts of Empire', and 'Plagues of Night' in terms of its narrative structure, although its scope isn't as far-reaching.

There were parts of the story that probably would've made slightly more sense if I had read the previous 3 published ENT novels (Last Full Measure, The Good that Men Do, and Kobayashi Maru), but I was never so confused about what was going on that I was pulled out of the narrative.

I really liked the number of plot threads and perspectives the book dealt with and the number of different characters it introduced and followed (some familiar and some new), and was also pleasantly surprised by some of its plot twists (such as Travis leaving the Enterprise).

The perspective that I think I liked the most aside from the main characters from ENT was that of the reporter Gannet Brooks. Her character was one I wasn't familiar with from the series, so this book was my first introduction to her.

I also really liked the explanation given for the technological 'downgrade' necessary in order to reconcile ENT with later chronological canon. It gave the book a very nuBSG-esque feel that I thought was neat.

In fact, I liked all of the various attempts to reconcile ENT with later chronological canon.

Overall, I thought the book was very good, and the ending made me really want to start the second novel (which I've since started and am really enjoying).
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