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Re: DTI: Forgotten History by C. L. Bennett Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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We do have evidence of things from one timeline branch remaining in another branch after the point of divergence, for instance, Chief O'Brien in "Visionary" onward. So I think that something originating in one branch of a timeline fork and travelling back before the fork into the common history would remain present in both forks after the divergence. At least, that's the simplest, least convoluted answer, and time travel is enough of a headache without complicating it more than necessary.
I agree it should be there (otherwise surely Nero and Old Spock would have vanished too?), but doesn't that mean all so-called time loops/predestination paradoxes are an illusion created by our multiverse POV? We just happened to be in the correct branch of history to make it appear meaningful?

Makes me wonder what other "orphaned" temporal artifacts there are out there...
So, Spock Prime and Data Prime are in the JJverse ! Does Spock know about Data's head ? If I recall correctly Picard would have known about this, and he melded with Spock...
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