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Re: IDW to publish post-Nemesis TNG Borg story, possibly Destiny

I should have been clearer, by Book-to-comic I really meant Inter-media continuity. Though I do see where you're coming from Chris. It makes a certain amount of

Fer I'm thinking of Dark Empire I & II which were written as sequels to the Thrawn Trilogy and had some elements incorporated into the Jedi Academy trilogy. All in a relatively short amount of time. There are quite a number of major continuity points in those comics that later books utilize. As well, something like Star Wars Republic actually shaped a lot of the background of the prequels and showcased the Clone Wars soon after the second movie and ended up being mined for the Clone Wars novels. (The new show has created some problems.)

Again, my point is it's certainly doable - and has been done. I think it would actually be interesting to have standalone stories told in the comics of the TNG crew in the Post-Nemesis era. Because the vast majority of those stories have the Borg in them, and well, so apparently does this one. I'd much prefer having a richer, multi-media story board then having "One direction for one, another for another."
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