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Re: Typhon Pact: Plagues of Night by DRGIII Review Thread (Spoilers!)

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For such a strategically vital station I'm sure they can cobble together some old Cardassian tech from other sources, or install a shiny new Starfleet doohicky. The Corps of Engineers have done a lot harder jobs. If only they hadn't misplaced Scotty...
Except that they can't do that easily. If they could have, they would have been able to pull it off in the aftermath of Avatar. Instead, the only thing they could do in a reasonable time frame was to do some warp/tractor magic using a number of ships to bring Empok Nor to the Bajor system. I am sure that the SCE has been working off and on since the Federation took over to try and marry Federation and Cardassian Tech.

Right now, if the station survived, you have a severely compromised station (imagine the damage that an explosion like that in close proximity could inflict) and no power core readily available (again)...
To be fair, the Cardassian industrial base has recovered a great deal from the Dominion War by 2383, and Federation-Cardassian relations are much warmer than they were in 2376. It's not implausible that finding a replacement power core for Nor-class stations is easier in 2383 than in 2376.
You are correct that the industrial base has been rebuilt since the end of the war, but the real questions would be:

But whether or not there is the ability to manufacture the core and the power components are another story. Given the age of the stations, they could have been phased out and the facilities to build components been closed or re-tooled.

Even with a manufacturing base up and running, it still might not be possible to build the replacement components.
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