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Re: David Brin's latest novel, and a TED talk

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I'm dubious about all predictions based on extrapolations from current trends; we're not much better at forecasting anything important than Greek augurers were. Apolcalyptic predictions of society's collapse are in the same category as the Singularity - one can find the logic persuasive or not, but they're fiction.
Yeah, that's why I completely ignored RAMA's ramblings and focused on actual technology and solutions.

He's got a vivid imagination but that's not going to solve the issues we're facing. He's just wasting his time hoping for a magical scifi solution when he should be focusing on actual solutions possible with current technology.

The advantage his view offers is that we don't have to worry about all these problems and don't have to change our behaviour.
The downside to his view is that it's got nothing to do with reality.
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