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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I've been flying my Galaxy retrofit (saucer-sep) for several months now, and I'm thinking about switching it up to this new Akira carrier. I have not flown really flown a carrier yet, and the turn rate on this is better than my Galaxy. However, I won't be spending any real money on it, so it'll be acheived when I have enough dilithium from my 5 toons (through Doff missions), plus my monthly stipend. I'll have to do a few more STF's so that I can load up on MKXII heavy cannons. Are the Antiproton still the better choice, or have they tweaked the stats on the weapons?

Speaking of STF's, I've noticed when doing them that some people fire this spread of white torpedoes that look like a cluster of about 12 small quantum torps that do massive damage. Any idea what these are?
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