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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

I'm working on my tac officer now. He's up to RA Upper Half. Had planned on getting the Defiant Refit but you're ranking it last... Okay maybe it is last, but at least it looks cool.

I like the Akira also and was disappointed that it was only a tier 2 escort.

Appreciate the TAC setup. I'm running Phasers DHC's [CrtHx2] with one Photon Torp [Acc][CrtH] on the front and three Turrets [CrtH] on the back. I get a lot of mileage with the Photon Console and Torp Spread especially on clusters of enemies. I hit them first with Target Shields/Volley then Torp Spread. (It does seem that I'm the only one using phasers or a torp though.) Even if I could improve my DPS by replacing the Torp with a DHC, I don't think that I will as I like the visual on the torp spread.
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