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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

have you noticed that she has no futuristic idioms?

"Whats your Boggle?" is one of my favourites.

"That's shale" still makes me cringe.

And what about Impulse in Young justice last week going on about "mode" this and "crash" that.

She lives in a dictatorship.

It's possible that freethinking hippies and counter culture is outlawed or frowned upon.

I saw a movie called Bent the other day.

Clive Owen is a gay transvestite in 1930s Berlin.

(So is Mick Jaggar.)

The Clubs were like Rome under Caligula.

That's the first 10 minutes.

The next 2 hours is about what happens to him after Stormtroopers throw him into a frieghttrain.

Point is.

Goodspeak history lessons.

Suppression of real facts in favour of goodfacts.

The fact that she doesn't know about interpol might just be the thin end of a massive propaganda machine that forces her to glorify the corperations and villify the defective world that came before.
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