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Re: Continuum the new tv series!

Guy Gardener wrote: View Post
And "Herbert George"??

C'MON! Kiera! That's fricking blatant!

That frak must have searched the entire city looking for a good time pun to line up the cross hairs on his trap.
Heh, when I first heard "Herbert George" I immediately thought "as in Wells?" and it turns out that's what it was. I groaned.

That's another problem I have, she's only from 60 years in the future, but Kiera is ignorant about everything in the modern day. I'm no expert on the 1950s and would probably completely lost were I stuck there, but come on. Take for example last week, Alec had to explain to her what INTERPOL was. Even if we accept that INTERPOL no longer exists in the 2070s, some other similar agency likely does, and as a law enforcement officer, wouldn't Kiera be aware of it and possibly its history? Hell, didn't she ever study the history of law enforcement, if for no other reason then because she has an interest in her job?

The show is getting far too hung up on the fish out of water aspect of a time traveller stuck in the past, and as a result it's making that particular character look stupider than she should be.

cylkoth wrote: View Post
He wasn't expecting Doctor Andromeda-okay, it's the third episode, I really should start memorizing their names,
Honestly, the only one's who's names I can remember are Kiera. Carlos, Alec and Kellog. Kiera, Carlos, and Alec I only remember since they basically are the leads. Kellog I only remember because of the cereal.

Everyone else, I just refer to by their actor's name.
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